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Christian Sander (Hamburg University (DE))
8/24/15, 9:30 AM
Plenary Talks
This talk will review the CMS results on SUSY searches.
Dr Sho Iwamoto (Technion)
8/24/15, 5:10 PM
Supersymmetry Phenomenology and Experiment

This talk, based on arXiv:1505.02996, focuses on collider searches for long-lived charged particles (LLCPs), i.e., charged particles which are observed stable in the detectors.
Their discovery will be extremely exciting and give significant implication for both particle physics and cosmology.

We studied expected sensitivity of such searches at a future...

Julia Shelton
8/25/15, 10:00 AM
Plenary Talks
Petar Maksimovic (Johns Hopkins University (US))
8/25/15, 11:00 AM
Plenary Talks
This talk will review the status of exotic searches at LHC.
Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS)
8/25/15, 12:30 PM
Joseph David Lykken (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))
8/29/15, 12:30 PM
Plenary Talks
A thematic summary of the conference and outlook on possible futures
Csaba Balazs (Monash University)
8/29/15, 1:30 PM
Jack Gunion (University of California Davis (US))