LHC signals from R-parity violating chargino decays

28 Aug 2015, 14:00
Mountain ()


Supersymmetry Phenomenology and Experiment SUSY Expt. and Phenomenology


Anders Kvellestad (University of Oslo)


Collider searches for supersymmetric models with R-parity violation (RPV) generally focus on the decay of the (effectively) lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) through RPV operators. The signal then depends both on the nature of the LSP and the relevant RPV operators. Here we identify scenarios where RPV decays of charginos are important, either because the R-parity conserving decay modes are suppressed by a small chargino--neutralino mass difference, or because the chargino is itself the LSP. These scenarios can potentially lead to striking collider signatures, such as resonances of three charged leptons.

Primary author

Anders Kvellestad (University of Oslo)


Are Raklev (University of Oslo (NO))

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