FlexibleSUSY: spectrum generation for SUSY and non-SUSY models

25 Aug 2015, 16:50
Cedar House ()

Cedar House

Precision Computations and Monte Carlo Tools, all areas Precision SUSY/Higgs/MCTools


Peter Athron (Monash University)


FlexibleSUSY is a mathematica and C++ package which can be used to create a fast and precise spectrum generator for a SUSY or BSM model chosen the by the user. FlexibleSUSY is distributed with a large number of models already implemented and the user may also add new models of there own by creating simple model files. The spectrum generators created by FlexibleSUSY are very fast and the C++ code is very modular, allowing for easy modification, extension and reuse. I will review the many uses and features of this program, with particular emphasis on the new features, like the inclusion of non-SUSY models. I will discuss how FlexibleSUSY compares to existing public spectrum generators, such as those for the MSSM and NMSSM. Finally I will then discuss future features and other FlexibleTools which are planned for future releases.

Primary author

Peter Athron (Monash University)


Alexander Voigt (DESY) Dominik Stockinger (TU Dresden) Jae-hyeon Park (University of Valencia)

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