Searches for long lived SUSY particles

24 Aug 2015, 16:50
Mountain ()


Supersymmetry Phenomenology and Experiment SUSY Expt. and Phenomenology


Giovanna Francesca Cottin Buracchio (University of Cambridge (GB))


Several supersymmetric models predict massive long-lived supersymmetric particles with lifetimes from fractions of a nanosecond to lifetimes that are effectively stable in the detector. Such particles may be detected through abnormal specific energy loss, disappearing tracks, displaced vertices, long time-of-flight or late calorimetric energy deposits. The talk presents recent results from searches for long-lived supersymmetric particles with the ATLAS detector. Results will be based on 20 fb-1 of pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV. First results with run2 data will also be included if available.

Primary author

Giovanna Francesca Cottin Buracchio (University of Cambridge (GB))

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