A way to crosscheck μ-e conversion in the case of no signals of μ→eγ and μ→3e

28 Aug 2015, 15:15
Aspen ()


Flavor Violation Theory and Experiment Flavor Violation


Prof. Joe Sato (Saitama University)


We consider the case that μ-e conversion signal is discovered but other charged lepton flavor violating (cLFV) processes will never be found. In such a case, we need other approaches to confirm the μ-e conversion and its underlying physics without conventional cLFV searches. We study R-parity violating (RPV) SUSY models as a benchmark. We briefly review that our interesting case is realized in RPV SUSY models with reasonable set tings according to current theoretical/experimental status. We focus on the exotic collider signatures at the LHC (pp→μ−e+ and pp→jj) as the other approaches. We show the correlations between the branching ratio of μ-e conversion process and cross sections of these processes. It is first time that the correlations are graphically shown. We exhibit the RPV parameter dependence of the branching ratio and the cross sections, and discuss the feasibility to determine the parameters.

Primary author

Prof. Joe Sato (Saitama University)


Dr Masato Yamanaka (Nagoya University)

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