Gauged R-symmetry and deSitter vacua in supergravity

27 Aug 2015, 16:30
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SUSY/String Models SUSY/String Models


Rob Knoops (KU Leuven (BE))


We explore the phenomenology of a supergravity theory based on a gauged R-symmetry. The model contains a chiral multiplet S, which can be the string dilaton or a compactification modulus, that has a gauged shift symmetry. Supersymmetry is then broken by a combination of F-term and D-term breaking, and allows for a tunable (parametrically small and positive) cosmological constant. We calculate the soft supersymmetry breaking terms and show that an extra field is needed in the hidden sector to prevent tachyonic scalar^2 masses for the MSSM sparticles. Gaugino masses are generated at one-loop by the so-called ‘anomaly mediation’ mechanism. We show that after a Kahler transformation, part of this mass can be retraced to a Green-Schwarz counter term that is needed to cancel the anomalous R-symmetry. Phenomenological implications are discussed.

Primary authors

Ignatios Antoniadis (UPMC) Rob Knoops (KU Leuven (BE))

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