N=4 supersymmetric Yang--Mills on a space-time lattice

25 Aug 2015, 15:00
Alder ()


Fundamental and String Theory Fundamental/String Theory


David Schaich (Syracuse University)


Practical lattice discretizations of supersymmetric gauge theories are notoriously difficult to construct in four dimensions. N=4 supersymmetric Yang--Mills (SYM) is the only known 4d theory for which there exists a lattice formulation that exactly preserves a subset of the supersymmetry algebra. This exact supersymmetry has remarkable consequences that are crucial to the feasibility of non-perturbative lattice calculations from first principles. After reviewing some highlights of the N=4 SYM lattice formulation, I will present a selection of results from our ongoing numerical studies, including comparisons with analytic predictions.

Primary author

David Schaich (Syracuse University)

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