Heavy flavour results from CMS

24 Aug 2015, 14:30


Flavor Violation Theory and Experiment Flavor Violation


Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin (US))


Rare decays and angular distributions of B mesons are particularly sensitive probes of physics beyond the Standard Model. This talk reviews results on these processes obtained with the data collected by the CMS experiment during the first Run of the LHC. We will show the most precise single-experiment results on the measurement of the Bs->µµ branching fraction and search for Bd->µµ, along with the LHC combination. Results on the forward-backward asymmetry and other sensitive observables in B->K*µµ decays, determined as a function of the di-muon invariant mass, will be presented. The CP violating weak mixing phase phi_s, extracted from an angular and proper decay time analysis of the Bs->J/Psi Phi decay, will be reported.

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