Gauge-Higgs Unification with the dynamical boundary conditions and it's SU(5) application

25 Aug 2015, 17:35
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Mr YAMAMOTO Kengo (Department of physics, Osaka University)


Gauge-Hiigs Unification is the candidate of Beyond Standard Model. The gauge symmetry of system can be spontaneously broken down by dynamics of Wilson line phase of gauge fields themselves in Gauge-Higgs Unification. This symmetry breaking pattern is highly depend on the boundary condition set which is imposed on fields for extra dimensional directions and in present gauge-Higgs study, these boundary conditions are given by hand even though there are many possible boundary condition sets. In our research, we regard boundary conditions as dynamical variables and focus our attention on $SU(N)$ Gauge-Higgs Unification on $M^4\times S^1/Z_2$. We analyze these boundary condition dynamics by using matrix model analysis. We have found only restricted boundary condition sets in all possible sets practically contribute to the partition function of system. And we apply this result to $SU(5)$ model.

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Mr YAMAMOTO Kengo (Department of physics, Osaka University)

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