Precise knowledge of the Higgs-boson mass in the SM and in the MSSM

25 Aug 2015, 09:30
Mountain Ballroom ()

Mountain Ballroom

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Pietro Slavich (LPTHE Paris)


The measurement of the Higgs-boson mass at the LHC completes our knowledge of the fundamental parameters of the SM, and imposes important constraints on the parameter space of its SUSY extensions. To properly exploit this long-awaited experimental information, high-precision calculations of the predictions of the SM and its extensions are necessary. In this talk I review recent advances in the precise determination of the Higgs sector in both the SM and the MSSM, and discuss their implications for the energy scale at which new physics should be expected, and for the prospects of discovering SUSY particles at the LHC.

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Pietro Slavich (LPTHE Paris)

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