Scrutinizing the Alignment Limits in the Two Higgs Doublet Models

25 Aug 2015, 15:20
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Higgs Theory and Experiment Higgs Expt., Theory and Phenomenology


Jérémy Bernon (LPSC Grenoble)


After the discovery of a 125 GeV Higgs boson with properties close to those predicted in the Standard Model (SM), it is crucial to assess the existence of an extended Higgs sector. The framework of the two Higgs doublet models (2HDM) is particularly simple and well suited for such considerations. The alignment limit, realized either through decoupling of the additional Higgs states or the absence of mixing between the two doublets in the so-called Higgs basis, is often considered to recover SM-like properties of one of the CP-even state. After a short review of the 2HDM and the constraints imposed from the observation of a SM-like Higgs boson, I will introduce the notion of alignment in the 2HDM. A numerical exploration of this regime is performed and results contrasting the alignment regimes with and without decoupling are discussed. Implications for the coming 13 TeV LHC run, including expectations regarding other lighter or heavier Higgs bosons are given.

Primary authors

Howard Haber (University of California,Santa Cruz (US)) Jack Gunion (University of California Davis (US)) Jérémy Bernon (LPSC Grenoble) Sabine Kraml (LPSC Grenoble) YUN JIANG (UC Davis)

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