Spinodal Backreaction During Inflation and Initial Conditions

28 Aug 2015, 15:25
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Particle Cosmology Theory and Experiment Particle Cosmology


McCullen Sandora (CP3-Origins)


We investigate how long wavelength inflationary fluctuations can cause the background field to deviate from classical dynamics. For generic potentials, we show that, in the Hartree approximation, the long wavelength dynamics can be encapsulated by a two-field model operating in an effective potential. The latter is given by a simple Gaussian integral transformation of the original inflationary potential. We use this new expression to study backreaction effects in quadratic, hilltop, flattened, and axion monodromy potentials. We find that the net result of the altered dynamics is to slightly modify the spectral tilt, drastically decrease the tensor-to-scalar ratio, and to effectively smooth over any features of the potential, with the size of these deviations set by the initial value of power in large scale modes and the shape of the potential during the entire evolution.

Primary author

McCullen Sandora (CP3-Origins)

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