Chern-Simons SUSY Breaking and the Little Hierarchy Problem

27 Aug 2015, 14:50
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SUSY/String Models SUSY/String Models


Dr Yue Zhao (Stanford)


We propose a solution to (little) hierarchy problem based on SUSY breaking induced in asymmetric Chern-Simons theory. In such theory superparticles are lifted while standard model particles remain untouched. It starts with supergravity in $AdS_n$, where n can be 3,4,5. One can further take flat spacetime limit for $AdS_3$ or $AdS_4$, or one can study RS model in $AdS_5$. In AdS space, the bulk theory is a supergravity theory with asymmetric Chern-Simons fields where the 1-form is identified to be R-gauge boson. The bulk theory is deformed by a boundary term involving this R-gauge field and a free scalar. It breaks SUSY completely and sources a marginal operator in the dual CFT. SUSY breaking is communicated by gauge interactions to bulk fields. Since the R-charges of scalar and spinor differ, this generates a SUSY breaking shift of their masses. The masses of R-neutral fields are maintained to all orders in the deformation despite the fact that these R-neutral fields can directly couple to R-charged fields. In this way our mechanism solves the little hierarchy problem. Multiple boundary insertions are summed to all orders in h and the picture above is maintained by the non-perturbative result thus obtained. A flat space limit can be constructed which preserves SUSY breaking effects for R-charged fields.

Primary authors

Prof. Dan Freedman (MIT) Dr Xi Dong (Stanford) Dr Yue Zhao (Stanford)

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