Advances in F-theory Constructions of Particle Physics

28 Aug 2015, 09:30
Mountain Ballroom ()

Mountain Ballroom

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Mirjam Cvetic (University of Pennsylvania)


We present developments in F-theory compactifications with an emphasis on the implications for particle physics. We spell out techniques to construct globally consistent F-theory compactifications to four-dimensions that result in particle physics gauge symmetries, such as $SU(5)$ **GUT** and Standard Model, chiral matter families and Yukawa couplings. We highlight the first globally consistent constructions with the Standard Model gauge symmetry, and three families of quarks and leptons. We also spell out technical advances in constructions of F-theory compactifications with higher rank Abelian and discrete symmetries, and highlight explicit constructions for $U(1)\times U(1)$ and $Z_3$ discrete symmetry.

Primary author

Mirjam Cvetic (University of Pennsylvania)

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