All rigid N=2 supersymmetric backgrounds

24 Aug 2015, 16:30
Alder ()


Fundamental and String Theory Fundamental/String Theory


Dr Daniel Butter (Nikhef)


I will discuss how to classify (up to discrete identifications) all rigid 4D N=2 supersymmetric backgrounds in both Lorentzian and Euclidean signatures that preserve eight real supercharges. These include backgrounds such as warped $S^3 \times \mathbb R$, warped $AdS_3 \times \mathbb R$, and $AdS_2 \times S^2$, as well as some more exotic geometries. Time permitting, I will also discuss how to construct all supersymmetric two-derivative actions involving hypermultiplets and vector multiplets in these backgrounds.

Primary author

Dr Daniel Butter (Nikhef)

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