Mu-term Hybrid Inflation with Low Energy Consequences

28 Aug 2015, 14:25


Particle Cosmology Theory and Experiment Particle Cosmology


Prof. Qaisar Shafi (University of Delaware)


We explore the implications of a new minimal supersymmetric hybrid inflation model in which the MSSM µ term arises from a coupling of the Higgs doublets to the inflaton sector, with |µ| required to be greater than the gravitino mass m_G. Successful inflation with the scalar spectral index ns = 0.96−0.97, is followed by a relatively high reheat temperature, T_RH ≳ 10^12 GeV, in the presence of this new coupling. Consistency with big bang nucleosynthesis favors m_G ≥ 5 × 10^7 GeV, so that the gravitino decays before the LSP neutralino freezes out. With µ ∼ m_G ∼ 5 × 10^7 GeV, and soft scalar masses of the same order, the correct value for the SM-like Higgs boson is realized for tanβ ∼ 1.7. An LSP wino with mass ∼ 2 TeV turns out to be the simplest dark matter candidate. The tensor to scalar ratio r, a canonical measure of gravity waves, can approach 0.001 in some cases.

Primary author

Prof. Qaisar Shafi (University of Delaware)


Prof. Nobuchika Okada (University of Delaware)

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