Nov 17 – 18, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

Scientific Program

The objective of the workshop is to share experience and progress in the area of cloud storage file synchronization and file sharing.

During the workshop the participants will review the state-of-the-art technologies, evaluate the experience in running such services for technical and scientific communities and present plans for concrete service implementations.

For the site report we propose the speakers to add two foils to their presentation to summarise the service features and the user feedback: the template is attached to the 'site report' session or can be found here (pptx,pdf)

  • Introduction and Keynotes

  • Technology and research

    Duration: ~20-30 minutes

     - algorithms and protocols for file sync and sharing
     - data integrity, reliability
     - conflict resolution
     - federation of cloud and grid services
     - integration with data management and transfer services
     - mobile access to data
  • Users and use-cases

    Duration: ~20-30 minutes

    - end-user expectations and experience
    - file sync and share in scientific and engineering environments
    - integration with data analysis workflows 
    - higher-level services based on sync and share
  • Site reports

    Duration: ~10 minutes

    Goal: audience should get a complete and up-to-date picture what services are being currently deployed (or planned for) across the community

    - deployment of a dropbox-like service in your institution
    - current service status or plans
    - operational experience: main issues and concern
    - user feedback
  • Software solutions

    Duration: ~30 minutes

    Presentation from software providers (vendors).

    - open-source sync and share software stack
    - main features relevant to scientific communities
    - support for scientific and engineering use-cases