15-18 September 2015
Hotel Schweizerhof, Saas-Fee
Europe/Zurich timezone

PROOF Analysis Framework

17 Sep 2015, 16:20
Hotel Schweizerhof, Saas-Fee

Hotel Schweizerhof, Saas-Fee

Haltenstrasse 10 Saas-Fee
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Isidro Gonzalez Caballero (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))


The PROOF Analysis Framework (PAF) provides end users with a lot a extra features over the pure PROOF environment and brings in a defined workflow to perform a HEP analysis over ROOT trees. It has been designed using a modular architecture so that most of its behavior can be easily and dynamically changed or adapted to particular use cases. It is also fully integrated with ROOT taking advantage of the wide use in HEP research communities and the good performance working with huge data files. Among the added value in PAF there is the automation of the processing chain (configuration, compilation, execution), the performance improvement over a bare implementation (estimated between 3 to 12 times better) and the modularization of the analysis enhancing not only the structure of the code, but also the sharing of key elements of the analysis. Moreover, it integrates other tools to create dynamic PROOF clusters like PROOF Lite, PROOF on Demand, PROOF Cluster or PROOF Cloud. We will show the overall design of PAF, its main functionalities and the performance of the tool.

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