Jan 18 – 22, 2016
UTFSM, Valparaíso (Chile)
Chile/Continental timezone


Payment Guide 

This is a guide to the payment method use in the UTFSM. Please follow the next instructions:

Step 1.- Please enter to: http://payment.acat2016.inf.utfsm.cl and complete the form with your information. When you complete the form pusch the pay button and a new window will open.

ACAT Paymet Pic 1.












Step 2.- First, you should select the "Webpay Plus" option if you are paying with credit card. Next, input the Identifier Number of the payer(If you are not Chilean use 555555555, which is the default). When complete push "Continue" to the next step.




Step 3.- In this step, you should check that the payer Identifer Number is correct(If you are not Chilean should be 555555555). Push "Pagar" to continue to next step. 

ACAT Payment Pic 3

Step 4.- First, you have to choose "Tarjeta de Credito" to pay with Credit Card. Next, input you Credit Card number, Expiration Date and your Card Security Code. Last, if you are paying in installments this is the option when you choose the number. "Sin Cuotas" means no installments.

ACAT Payment Pic 4



Step 5.- After the input, you will see this view that means that the transaction is taking place.





Step 6.- This view means that the transaction was successful and that the payment was done. You can print this receipt.