Mar 2 – 6, 2009
Le Ciminiere, Catania, Sicily, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Program

The UF4 programme consists of daily plenary sessions featuring distinguished keynote speakers, followed by parallel sessions focusing on grid use within the many user disciplines, and also on specific grid technologies and techniques. A number of combined sessions between OGF and EGEE will also be organised providing the opportunity for interactions between standards bodies and user communities. Sessions for demonstrations and posters will augment the oral programme, and provide a key element of the forum.

The programme committee invites abstracts for contributions in one of following general topics related to activities exploiting directly or indirectly the EGEE services and gLite-based grid infrastructures:

  • Scientific results obtained using grid technology

    This topic targets contributions that present mature scientific work achieved using the grid.

  • Planned or on-going scientific work using the grid

    This track targets abstracts submissions regarding scientific work that hasn't yet delivered complete results, is still on-going, or though not started yet has a concrete plan for grid exploitation.

  • Experiences from application porting and deployment

    Targets abstracts describing experiences from application porting to the grid. Contributions are expected to report on various problems encountered, potential common patterns and good practices for applications gridification.

  • Grid Services exploiting and extending gLite middleware

    Abstracts of this track should report on development efforts regarding high-level grid services that utilize the basic gLite services, extending them to support advanced functionality.

  • Programming environments

    Abstracts of this track should describe advanced solutions that facilitate grid development by providing high-level abstractions, sophisticated tools and intuitive programming environments, that exploit the basic gLite APIs

  • End-user environments and portal technologies

    Abstracts submitted for this track are expected to report on work that targets development of high-level user-friendly environments, either web based (thin-client) or standalone (thick client) that hide the grid internals from the end users. Such environments might be application and domain-specific or general-purpose.

  • Emerging Technologies within the EGEE infrastructure

    This track incorporates work on emerging and future technologies like cloud computing, service oriented-architectures, virtualisation, desktop grids etc. Abstracts of this track, are expected to report on proposed architectures, on-going development and experiences from initial experiments trying to incorporate such technologies inside existing grid infrastructures deployed with gLite basic services.