12-16 September 2005
University of Liverpool
Europe/Zurich timezone

Status and Performance of the CDF Run II Silicon Detector

Sep 16, 2005, 9:45 AM
University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

Greenbank Conference Park
Contributed Talk Applications in Particle Physics S14 : Applications in Particle Physics


Dr Ankush Mitra (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Taiwan/Fermilab, USA)


The CDFII silicon detector with its 8 layers of double-sided silicon microstrip sensors and a total 722,432 readout channels is one of the largest silicon detector devices presently in use by a HEP experiment. We report our experience commissioning and operating this complex device during the first four years of Tevatron Run II program. The performance of the system and its impact on physics analysis are reviewed. As the luminosity delivered by the Tevatron increases, measurable effects of radiation damage have been observed. Recently updated studies of charge collection and noise versus applied bias voltage at several different integrated luminosities will be presented. These results and their impact on the expected lifetime of the detector will be discussed.

Primary author

Dr Rong-Shyang Lu (Inst. of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan)


Dr Ankush Mitra (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Taiwan/Fermilab, USA)

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