27 August 2017 to 1 September 2017
RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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MIFI (Magnet Infrastructure Facilities for Iter) : activities overview

30 Aug 2017, 13:15
1h 45m
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Bertrand PELUSO (CEA)


July 2014 has seen the establishment of MIFI (Magnet Infrastructure Facilities for ITER), a collaboration agreement to provide technical and logistic support from CEA to ITER Magnet Division. The implementation of the agreement led to the creation of 4 laboratories in the areas of: High Voltage; Low Voltage and Instrumentation;Machining and Assembly; Insulation Manufacturing & Cryogenics. In addition, a large area is dedicated to the storage of magnet and auxiliaries components. As ITER Magnet system is approaching the assembly phase, CEA offers through MIFI the support and facilities for coping with the growing activities such as: qualification and quality control of magnet instrumentation; components; managing the logistics of magnet instrumentation; qualification of assembly procedures, building and sharing knowledge in cutting edge technologies; training the operators involved in the assembly operations. Among the various technical matters treated, the paper focuses on two specific activities. The first one is related to high voltage testing and diagnostic of glass-kapton-glass (G-K-G) resin impregnated insulation, which is the main electrical insulation in the magnet system. In MIFI high voltage laboratory, the voltage withstand capabilities of several insulated component mock-ups are AC, DC and impulse tested. In addition, traditional insulation diagnostic techniques are investigated next to more innovative ones (e.g. partial discharge) in order to define quality control and maintenance strategies. The second described activity is directly linked to the assembly of the Toroidal Field magnets. It is the preparation of a scale 1 mock-up and the test of the full assembly procedure for the Intermediate Outer Intercoils Structure (IOIS). One of the specificity of this assembly is to be able to support shear loads generated by electromagnetic fields up to 2500 tons with a precision of 10µm.

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