August 27, 2017 to September 1, 2017
RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Investigation of Design Considerations for an Electromagnetic Induction Coilgun System

Aug 29, 2017, 10:00 AM
G102-103 Room

G102-103 Room

Regular 15 minutes Oral Presentation E9 - Novel and Other Applications Tue-Mo-Or11


Dinh-Vuong Le (Changwon National University)


An electromagnetic induction coilgun system accelerates a projectile in the axial direction which is a non-periodic moving. In addition, since the electromagnetic coilgun system converts the electrical energy to mechanical energy, the interactions between variables are very complex. Therefore, during a design process of the coilgun system, the design considerations are much more complicated and difficult to analyze compared to others electro-mechanic systems. Some of the design considerations have been published in previous researches, but some others are still deficient in study. A thorough study of the design considerations is necessary to design the coilgun system. This paper investigates the design considerations of an electromagnetic induction coilgun system and suggests reasonable parameters of the system to achieve high energy efficiency.
Some common design considerations such as capacitance, voltage level, length of the barrel, switching time, initial position and output velocity of the armature will be evaluated and then their influences on operation and energy efficiency will be assessed from the evaluated data. Some others which still are lacking in researches such as wire size, resistance, air gap, and distance between stator coils will be investigated and explained. A mathematical model of the coilgun is used to study the impact of the design considerations. Finally, the recent achievements, challenges, and trend of the coilgun system will be addressed briefly. We believe that the summary and study on the design considerations are useful and essential to design the coilgun system and largely contribute to its development.

Submitters Country Republic of Korea

Primary author

Dinh-Vuong Le (Changwon National University)


Byeong-Soo Go (Changwon National University) Myung-Geun Song (Hanwha Defense System) Minwon Park (Changwon National University) Prof. In-Keun Yu (Changwon National Univerisity)

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