27 August 2017 to 1 September 2017
RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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The effect of compositional ratio of SmBCO coated conductor on the superconducting properties.

31 Aug 2017, 13:45
1h 45m
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Mr Gwan-tae Kim (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)


Sm1+xBa2Cu3+yO7-d (SmBCO) coated conductors were fabricated by reactive co-evaporation method in the EDDC (Evaporation using Drum in Dual Chambers) deposition chamber. The structure of SmBCO coated conductor was Ag/SmBCO/LMO/MgO/Y2O3/Al2O3/Hastelloy. The deposition system was composed of dual chambers: reaction chamber and evaporation chamber. Superconducting materials of Sm, Ba, and Cu were evaporated in the evaporation chamber and deposited on the substrate mounted on the drum while the deposited elements reacted with oxygen and turned into SmBCO superconducting phase in the reaction chamber. The samples with different composition ratios were prepared, and we measured the angular dependence of critical current under high magnetic field and the field dependence of critical current. We found out that the magnetic field dependence of critical current was highly dependent on the composition ratio of SmBCO film. The broad peak at ϴ = 0 (B//c-axis) in the angular dependency of critical current was observed, which means that c-axis co-related pinning center was formed in SmBCO film. The elemental mapping of the high-Jc SmBCO coated conductor was measured by TEM-EDX. We confirmed secondary phases and Sm/Ba anti-site phase which take the role of pinning centers.

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Primary author

Mr Gwan-tae Kim (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)


Dr Ho-sup Kim (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) Dr Dong-woo Ha (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) Mr Rock-kil Ko (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)

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