27 August 2017 to 1 September 2017
RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Thermo-hydraulic analysis of The KSTAR PF cryogenic loop using SUPERMAGNET CODE

31 Aug 2017, 13:45
1h 45m
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Poster Presentation of 1h45m B1 - Superconducting Magnets for Fusion Thu-Af-Po4.02


HyunJung Lee (National Fusion Research Institute)


Operation stability study for a large-scale superconducting magnet is of particular importance to protect the magnet from permanent damage. Especially, for a fusion magnet, severe heat load by AC loss needs to be effectively removed during operation to achieve required temperature margin. A unique feature of KSTAR PF (poloidal field) magnet is that all the liquid cryogen inlets and outlets of PF1~4UL (PF upper and lower) coils are located at high field region. Therefore, major heat loads are localized both at the inlets and outlets, so that a drastically reduced or even no temporal cryogen flow is frequently observed at the inlets of PF1~4UL coils. This kind of temporal blockage of cryogenic loop can seriously affect the thermos-hydraulic analysis of a superconducting magnet system. As a preliminary study on this issue, we discussed thermos-hydraulic analysis results of the KSTAR PF cryogenic loop by using the SUPERMAGNET code. The numerical simulations were also compared to empirical results.

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HyunJung Lee (National Fusion Research Institute)


Sangjun Oh (NFRI) Dr Jung Laurent (National Fusion Research Institute) Dong Keun Oh (NFRI)

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