10-16 July 2016
Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh timezone
XIIth Rencontres du Vietnam, ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Scientific Program

Topics to be covered

  • Neutrino physics
  • LHC Physics and theoretical status
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  • Precision measures and non-accelerator probes of new physics
  • Inflation and alternatives
  • String methods and phenomenology
  • Future accelerator projects and technologies

Abstract submission deadline: 10-May-2016
Extended deadline: 31-May-2016

Parallel Session Conveners

Neutrino Physics: Andre de Gouvea, Jose Valle, Jacques Dumarchez, Craig Dukes

Physics at the LHC/Colliders: JoAnne Hewett, Bob Hirosky

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Astro-particle: Alex Kusenko, Pierre Binetruy

Precision Experiments and "Low­energy" Probes of Physics Beyond the Standard Model: Craig Group, Tc Yuan

Inflation and alternatives, Strings, Cosmology: Qaisar Shafi, Chong­Sun Chu

Scientific Program Committee

International Advisory Board

P. Q. Hung (Virginia)

Jean Tran Thanh Van (Rencontres du Vietnam)
Bob Hirosky (U. of Virginia, USA)


Pierre Binetruy (APC, Paris, France)
Kingman Cheung (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
Chong-Sun Chu (NCTS, Taiwan)
Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern University, USA)
Craig Dukes (U. of Virginia, USA)
Jacques Dumarchez (LPNHE, France)
Paul Frampton (Oxford)
Craig Group (U. of Virginia, USA)
Kaoru Hagiwara  (KEK, Japan)
Hong-Jian He (Tsinghua University, China)
Xiao-gang He (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
JoAnne Hewett (SLAC,USA)
George Hou (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Pyungwon Ko (KIAS, Korea)
Otto Kong (National Central University, Taiwan)
Alex Kusenko (UCLA, USA)
Hitoshi Murayama (UC Berkeley, USA and IPMU, Japan)
Satya Nandi (Oklahoma State University, USA)
Monica Pepe-Altarelli (CERN)
Qaisar Shafi (Bartol Institute, University of Delaware, USA)
Marc Sher (College of William and Mary, USA)
Jose WF Valle (IFIC, U. of Valencia, Spain)
Yifang Wang (IHEP, Beijing, China)
T.C. Yuan (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

J. Bagger (Johns Hopkins)
W. Buchmülller (DESY)
P. Frampton (Oxford)
J.F. Gunion (UC Davis)
J.E. Kim (Kyung Hee)
R.C. Myers (Perimeter Institute)
P. Nath (Northeastern)
S. Raby (Ohio State)
D.P. Roy (Tata Institute)
P. Shellard (Cambridge)
J. Silk (Oxford)
M.T. Vaughn (Northeastern)
K.C. Wali (Syracuse)













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