Nov 26 – 27, 2015
Europe/Zurich timezone


The EuPRAXIA project is the Horizon2020 design study towards a European Research Infrastructure that could be built in the 2020’s. It aims at a conceptual design report for the worldwide first 5 GeV laser-plasma electron accelerator with industrial beam quality & user areas. 


The EuPRAXIA work includes: 

(1) design for improved quality of plasma-accelerated electron beams, 

(2) user area Free Electron Laser applications, 

(3) user area High Energy Physics beam tests & other applications, 

(4) comparative study of possible sites in Europe, 

(5) cost estimate, 

(6) implementation model for distributed construction and installation at one central site.


Strategic goals of EuPRAXIA are:

(1) Exploring the potential of lasers and plasmas for electron accelerators with a dramatic reduction in cost and size, bringing together European novel accelerator R&D labs and their facilities.
(2) Providing funding agencies and decision makers in 2020 with a plasma accelerator option for European science and industry, including considerations on cost, sites and implementation.
(3) Placing EuPRAXIA on the ESFRI roadmap for possible construction in the 2020’s, as intermediate step from accelerator R&D to a new kind of research infrastructures in the 2030’s.
(4) Linking cutting-edge novel accelerator R&D to industry, in particular to European laser industry that is world-wide leading for the required high-power lasers.

(5) Linking the European work on laser plasma accelerators to international labs, which participate in EuPRAXIA as associated partners. Possibility of international work share or even projects.