Jul 5 – 12, 2017
Venice, Italy
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Yukawas of light stringy states

Jul 8, 2017, 12:30 PM
Room Welles (Palazzo del Casinò)

Room Welles

Palazzo del Casinò

Parallel Talk Quantum Field and String Theory QFT and string theory


Pascal Anastasopoulos (Unknown)


We investigate light massive string states that appear at brane
intersections. They replicate the massless spectrum in a richer
fashion and may be parametrically lighter than standard Regge
excitations. We compute tri-linear Yukawa couplings of such
open-string states to massless ones and to one another. Due to
ambiguities in the normalisation of the vertex operators, that involve
twist fields, we proceed via factorization of appropriate scattering
amplitudes. Some peculiar features are observed that may lead to
interesting signatures at colliders in the future.

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