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12-16 September 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

NEW: There will be a live webcast of the plenary sessions. You can find the link at the top of the webpage. The program is now complete. You can check it in the 'Timetable' link in the menu.

TeVPA is a 5-day conference aiming at providing the stage for the most recent advances in the booming field of Astroparticle Physics, bringing together leading members of the scientific communities that are contributing to its success.

Important dates

11 April 2016 Call for abstracts
11 April 2016 Opening of the registration* and reservation of hotel rooms
30 June 2016 Deadline for abstract submission (extended)
15 July 2016 Deadline early bird registration* (extended)
19 Aug 2016 Final deadline for registration*
12 Sep 2016 The conference starts

* Notice that there is no registration fee.

Plenary speakers

Bruce Allen (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics)
Roger Blandford (KIPAC - Stanford U.)
Francesco Costanza (DESY)
Fiorenza Donato (U. Torino)
Stefano Gabici (APC)
Thomas K. Gaisser (U. of Delaware)
Ulrich Haisch (U. of Oxford)
Scott Hughes (M.I.T. )
Igor Irastorza (U. Zaragoza)
Naoko Kurahashi (U. Drexel)
Julien Lesgourgues (RWTH Aachen)
Frank Linde (NIKHEF)
Michelangelo Mangano (CERN)
Julie Mc Enery (NASA)
Margherita Primavera (INFN)
Stefan Schael (RWTH Aachen)
Marc Schumann (U. of Bern)
Łukasz Stawarz (Jagiellonian U.)
Shoji Torii (Waseda University, Tokyo)
Ralf Ulrich (KIT-IKP)
Mark Vagins (U. of California - Irvine)
Christoph Weniger (U. of Amsterdam)
Xin Wu (U. Geneva)
Jesús Zavala (U. Copenhagen)


Confirmed session convenors

Markus Ahlers (U. of Wisconsin)
Marco Ajello (KIPAC - Stanford U.)
Julien Billard (IPN Lyon)
Nassim Bozorgnia  (GRAPPA, U. of Amsterdam)
Damir Buskulic (LAPP - Annecy)
Francesca Calore (U. of Amsterdam)
Chiara Caprini (CEA Saclay)
Damiano Caprioli (Princeton U.)
Marco Cirelli  (LPTHE Jussieu, Paris)
Philip von Doetinchem (U. Hawaii)
Marco Drewes (TUM - Munich)
David Harvey (EPFL - Lausanne)
Alejandro Ibarra (U. of Munich)
Marianne Lemoine-Goumard (CNRS)
Philip Mertsch (Stanford U.)
Kohta Murase  (U. of Penn State)
David Paneque (Max Planck Institute for Physics)
Carlos Perez de los Heros  (U. of Uppsala)
Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde  (U. of Stockholm)
Kai Schmidt-Hoberg (DESY)
Geraldine Servant  (DESY)
Irene Tamborra (NBI)
Nicola Tomassetti (LPSC - Grenoble)
Manuela Vecchi (U. of Sao Paolo)



Scientific Organising Committee Local Organising Committee
Felix Aharonian (DIAS & MPIK) Gianfranco Bertone (U. Of Amsterdam)
Laura Baudis (U. of Zurich) Diego Blas (CERN) Chair
John Beacom (Ohio State U.) Domenico della Volpe (U. of Geneva)
Lars Bergstrom (U. of Stockholm) Mathias Garny (CERN)
Gianfranco Bertone (U. of Amsterdam) - Chair Gian Giudice (CERN)
Elliott Bloom (KIPAC-SLAC) Tobias Golling (U. of Geneva)
Marco Cirelli (LPTHE Jussieu, Paris Martin Kunz (U. of Geneva)
Joakim Edsjo (U. of Stockholm) Teresa Montaruli (U. of Geneva
Jonathan Feng (UC Irvine) Andrii Neronov (U. of Geneva)
Gian Giudice (CERN) Mercedes Paniccia (U. of Geneva)
Sunil K. Gupta (TIFR) Martin Pohl (U. of Geneva)
Francis Halzen (U. of Wisconsin, Madison) Elisa Prandini (U. of Geneva)
Dan Hooper (Fermilab) Antonio Walter Riotto (U. of Geneva)
Olga Mena (IFIC/CSIC-UV) Pasquale Serpico (CNRS/LAPTh)
Subir Sarkar (Oxford & NBI Copenhagen) Anna Sfyrla (U. of Geneva)
Tim Tait (UC Irvine) Sergey Sibiryakov (CERN & EPFL & INR RAS)
Masahiro Teshima (ICRR)  


Starts 12 Sep 2016 08:00
Ends 16 Sep 2016 18:15
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