May 15 – 20, 2016
EXCO in Daegu, Republic of Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone

Call for Abstracts

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The conference invites contributions to the broad field of physical mechanisms, concepts, technologies, modeling as well as the application and performance of detection systems for calorimetry. In addition, the meeting will focus on new ideas and significantly improved performance parameters driven by envisaged accelerator upgrades and the new dimension of radiation damage in a high luminosity environment.
- Experience with current calorimetric systems at accelerators​
- Experience with calorimetric systems at non-accelerator experiments including space (from the meV to the EeV range)
- Calorimeters for the HL-LHC and other future accelerator experiments
- Calorimeters for future non-accelerator experiments, including space (from the meV to the EeV range)
- Challenges for calorimeters, and technologies to deal with these (event rates, radiation levels, UV light detection, calibration issues, …)
- Physics processes and simulations relevant for calorimeters
- New concepts for calorimetry, and ideas for applications in other fields Applications and similarities to other fields

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