MCnet School of Scientific Computing



Rauschenwasser 78 37120 Bovenden Germany
What comes next once you're comfortable with the syntax of a programming language or two? The aim of this school is to give an introduction to topics that go beyond the initial knowledge of reading and writing code. How do you design programs that are modular and reusable? How can libraries in different languages be used together? What are tools that can help in documenting and testing code? How can development and releases be managed in projects with multiple authors? In a mixture of talks and many hands-on sessions we'll try to address this next step.
  • Andrew Meadowcroft
  • Andy Buckley
  • Anja Butter
  • Chris Pollard
  • Daniel Reichelt
  • David Grellscheid
  • David Yallup
  • Graeme Nail
  • Ismail Bridle
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Johannes Krause
  • Kyle James Read Cormier
  • Marc Scott
  • Marco Alexander Harrendorf
  • Michael Russell
  • Mike Seymour
  • Nabarun Dev
  • Patrick Foldenauer
  • Patrick Kirchgaesser
  • Piero Ferrarese
  • Rocky Bala Garg
  • Sebastian Liebschner
  • Steffen Schumann
  • Stephen Webster
  • Torben Schell