Exotic Higgs Decays Meeting

from Monday, 7 November 2016 (09:00) to Tuesday, 8 November 2016 (19:00)
SLAC (Kavli Auditorium)

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7 Nov 2016
8 Nov 2016
09:00 Welcome   (Kavli Auditorium)
09:10 Searches for the Higgs boson decaying to four b-quarks via two spin-zero particles - Mazin Woodrow Khader (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
09:35 Monte Carlo simulation of heavy flavor production - Stefan Hoeche (SLAC)   (Kavli Auditorium)
10:00 Multi-photon decays of the SM Higgs with ATLAS: Current results and future prospects - James Beacham (Ohio State University (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
10:25 --- Coffee break ---
10:55 Searches for light pseudoscalar boson in the decay of SM Higgs boson at CMS - Abdollah Mohammadi (Kansas State University (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
11:20 Higgs decays to pairs of (pseudo-)scalars at ATLAS in the 2mu 2tau final state - Benjamin Eric Kaplan (New York University (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
11:45 Exotic higgs decays in models with "Natural" Neutrinos - Bithika Jain (Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS))   (Kavli Auditorium)
09:00 Flavorful Higgs bosons - Wolfgang Altmannshofer (University of Cincinnati)   (Kavli Auditorium)
09:25 Searches for Higgs flavor violating couplings at ATLAS and CMS - Shikma Bressler (Weizmann Institute of Science (IL))   (Kavli Auditorium)
09:50 Searches for Higgs boson decays to a meson and a photon - Konstantinos Nikolopoulos (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Kavli Auditorium)
10:15 --- Coffee break ---
10:45 Light quark Yukawa couplings from Higgs kinematics - Yotam Soreq (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Kavli Auditorium)
11:10 Probing Higgs couplings to light quarks - Emmanuel Stamou (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Kavli Auditorium)
11:35 Rare electroweak-type Higgs decays - Gino Isidori (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))   (Kavli Auditorium)
12:10 Searches for lepton jets at the LHC - Alexei Safonov (Texas A & M University (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
12:35 --- Lunch ---
14:00 Exotic Higgs decays in Neutral Naturalness - Simon Knapen (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)   (Kavli Auditorium)
14:25 Neutral naturalness: phenomenology - David Curtin (University of Maryland)   (Kavli Auditorium)
14:50 New ideas for Displaced Higgs - Eric Kuflik   (Kavli Auditorium)
15:15 Searching for New Physics with Displaced Vertex signatures in the ATLAS Detector - Henry Lubatti (University of Washington (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
15:40 --- Coffee break ---
16:10 Considerations for displaced higgs searches at CMS - Jamie Antonelli (The Ohio State University (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
16:35 Prospects for Higgs decays to Ultra-long-lived particles - John Paul Chou (Rutgers, State Univ. of New Jersey (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
17:00 Discussion session - Jamie Antonelli (The Ohio State University (US)) Yiming Zhong (Stony Brook University) Jessie Shelton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (Kavli Auditorium)
12:00 Exclusive Radiative Higgs Decays in the Standard Model and Beyond - Stefan Alte (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)   (Kavli Auditorium)
12:15 --- Lunch ---
13:45 Searches for invisible Higgs decays at ATLAS and CMS - Nicholas Wardle (CERN)   (Kavli Auditorium)
14:10 Exotic Higgs Decays With Photons and MET - Rafael Teixeira De Lima (Northeastern University (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
14:35 Displaced quarkonia as a new physics probe - Hou Keong Lou (Princeton University)   (Kavli Auditorium)
15:00 The Dark Light Higgs scenario and semi-visible exotic Higgs decays - Felix Yu (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)   (Kavli Auditorium)
15:25 Higgs Connections to Dark Vectors - David Morrissey (TRIUMF)   (Kavli Auditorium)
15:50 --- Coffee break ---
16:20 Rare and Exotic Higgs Decay Prospects at the HL-LHC - Allison Mccarn   (Kavli Auditorium)
16:45 Exotic Higgs Decay at future lepton colliders - Zhen Liu (Fermilab)   (Kavli Auditorium)
17:10 Discussion session - Brian Shuve (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) Stefania Gori (Cincinnati University) Markus Klute (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (Kavli Auditorium)
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