Oct 20 – 21, 2016
Darmstadt, Germany
Europe/Zurich timezone

Event Description


HEPTech and GSI are organising an event whose goal is to present the potential of high-energy physics (HEP) technology in the wide field of nanotechnology and to establish interconnections between research and industry. 

Unlike other disciplines, nanotechnology is multi-sectoral by nature, and combine several methods and techniques that aim to influence properties and structures at the molecular level. Developments in nanotech uncover innovative applications that can be used in a wide and diverse range of industries and areas in a variety of fields: electronics, materials, energy efficiency, surface coating, medicine etc.

Research in High Energy Physics has allowed for the development of accelerator and detector technology that can be applied in other research fields, and nanotechnology is a very attractive field for these sort of synergies. For example swift heavy ions can generate micro- and nanostructures in materials, like nanogaps, nanowires, and nanoporous membranes. 

Nowadays, conventional techniques and methods for the characterisation and analysis of these nanostructure have reached their limit, therefore further development is an essential precondition for the success of nanotechnology research and possible synergies between these fields are a clear subject to explore.

This event aims to bring together companies, experts and researchers active in the field of nanostructures and nanoanalytics and also of high energy physics, to discuss and explore synergies between the two fields fostering knowledge transfer and collaboration for the development of further innovative technologies and applications in the field of nanotechnology with heavy ions.

Besides lecture sessions and networking breaks the event includes a science-to-business session dedicated to establishing cooperation. Participants will be asked in advance to describe their activity fields and to define the kind of cooperation sought. Based on this the Enterprise Europe Network will organise bilateral talks upon individual meeting schedules.




Organising Committee:    
  Tiago Rodrigues de Araujo CERN
  Martina Bauer GSI
  Jerome Beaucour ILL
  Tatiana Correia KTN
  Andrea Crottini EPFL
  Tobias Engert GSI
  Jean-Marie Le Goff CERN
  Symeon Kokovidis CERN
  Antonio de Valladares Pacheco KTN/HEPTech
  Leszek Ropelewski CERN/RD51
  Jaime Segur ILL
  Alicja Suruwiec GSI
  Christina Trautmann GSI