Jun 15 – 17, 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone

Short contributions

The program is still preliminary! On Friday morning/early afternoon, there will be time for (very) short participants' contributions on interpretation studies. One of the aims of this session is to give a panorama of how the experimental results and the available recasting tools are used. Another important aim is to address the mutual benefit of recast studies, that is to give feedback to the experimental collaborations about conclusions of recast studies that can be interesting to them (e.g. reporting holes in the searches, uncovered final states, suggestions for improvement, etc.).

If you want to make a contribution in this session, please send an email to sabine.kraml@gmail.com with

subject: "Interpretation workshop: contributed study"

the title of your suggested contribution (+arXiv number if available)
and addressing very briefly the following points

1. the physics case
2. what recasting has been done
3. lessons learned / physics understood
4. what feedback you can give to the experiment

We will collect proposals until June 1st and then make a selection depending on the number and interest of the submissions. (If we end up totally swamped with excellent ideas, we will ask everybody to prepare just 2 slides ...)