January 29, 2017 to February 7, 2017
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Weather in Amsterdam during January is not for the faint of heart, but it can still be beautiful as long as visitors dress appropriately. In fact, January ranks, on average, as the coldest month of the year in Amsterdam with an average high temperature of 4.5°C (40°F) and an average low temperature of 1°C (33°F) with most days around 2.5°C (36°F).  Additionally, the winds blowing through the various canals can drive the wind chill down to make the temperature seem much colder than it actually is.

Precipitation is also common in Amsterdam during the month of January with an average of approximately 69mm throughout the month, across 8 days. Much of that precipitation will form as liquid, but snow is not out of the question. In Amsterdam, however, many snowfalls only amount to a light dusting.

Visitors should be prepared for the lack of sunlight in Amsterdam during the month of January. During this month, the sun doesn’t rise until almost 9:00am and it sets well before 5:00pm resulting in very long nights. Sunshine hours average 3 per day so warm coats, hat and scarves are a must. Checking the live weather forecast is also useful. 


The Netherlands has the Euro, €, as its standard currency. Prices are rounded off to the nearest 5 cents. Money can be exchanged in many places: e.g. at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, at banks, at the numerous specialized exchange offices in downtown Amsterdam and at most major railway stations. Credit cards are accepted in most places, but it is advisable to ask beforehand if credit card payment is possible.


Amsterdam and its surroundings offer a multitude of tourist attractions (and traps) including famous museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum, the windmills and historic houses of De Zaanse Schans and the obligatory canal boat tour.

You can easily explore these outings on your own or you can get it all organized for you by the VVV tourist office opposite Amsterdam Central Station or by one of the tour organisers on the Damrak, the street leading from Amsterdam Central Station to Dam Square.


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