29 January 2017 to 7 February 2017
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Local transportation

How to reach Amsterdam Science Park

Amsterdam Science Park is easy to reach by public transport. The train station Science Park, as well as the bus stops, are indicated on the Amsterdam Science Park map .

The lectures and the labs will take place at the Amsterdam Science Park; respectively in the  conference hall (indicated by Science Park 125 on the map ) Euler room (Z009), and at different locations inside the Nikhef building. The location of the labs will be signalled with visible signs.

Tip from the locals: the fastest route to reach the Science Park from the Hotel Eden is by taking tram 9 and then walk (~15 minutes) from the Kruislaan stop. From Kruislann one could also get bus 40 that stops right in front of the Science Park.

Public Transport

See for more information Getting to Amsterdam Science Park .

Plan your journey by public transport via the 9292 site (this link).

A 7-days pass will be given to students during the registration (Monday 30th). This ticket covers unlimited usage of tram, bus and metro in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam, and it does not cover train fairs. For Monday 30th and Tuesday 31th a 48-hours unlimited travel ticket will be provided to cover transport (tram, bus, metro), this will be given to students by the reception of the Hotel Eden at check-in time. Please use the 48-hours first, and then activate the 7-days on Wednesday 1st. Please remember to check-in and check-out every journey else you'll block the card and loose it! Please also note that such ticket does not include transport to the airport.

For tutors - and for the ones who will loose the above pass, and there will be at least one - public transport can be used by either buying single tickets, the above pass (recommended), or useing an 'OV-chipkaart' (5 Euro plus the credit you charge). The OV-chipkaart might be interesting since it is valid on bus, tram, metro and train; therefore handy if you plan to travel by train as well. You can buy an OV-chipkaart at the ticket machines at the train stations, at the service desks of the GVB (=the public transport company, these desks are located inside train stations), and in some tobacco shops, supermarkets and Bruna shops.


Cycling is by far the easiest and fastest way to get around in Amsterdam.
There are many places in Amsterdam where you can rent a bicylce:

Renting a bicycle costs about 8 to 10 euros for a single day. The rate is lower if you rent it for a couple of days.
Important notes:

  • Before you leave the place where you rented the bicycle check that the lights work (back and front). You need them when it is dark outside.
  • Before you start riding the bicycle be aware whether you rented one with hand brake or pedal brake. Occasionally a short response time is advantageous. Then it is good to know where the brakes are.

Be a real Amsterdammer for a week!