21-25 September 2009
Hotel Barcelo Sants
Europe/Zurich timezone

Accounting in EGEE: Status and Future

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Hotel Barcelo Sants

Hotel Barcelo Sants

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Dr Cristina Del Cano Novales (STFC) Dr Javier Lopez Cacheiro (CESGA) Mr Sergio Diaz Montes (CESGA)

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2 hrs (session)

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The session will provide an up-to-date view of the status of the different accounting providers and their plans towards the transition to EGI. The accounting portal will act as the connection between the different providers.

A developer from each accounting providers will be invited to give a presentation (~5 presentations of 20 minutes) following certain guidelines to provide a common view.

Project(s) or EGEE activity presenting the demo or poster (project or activity names only)



EGEE has a complex accounting ecosystem that involves different accounting providers publishing to a common central repository. Accounting records are periodically aggregated to be finally displayed in the EGEE accounting portal that acts as a connection point between all the different providers and presents the information in an common interface.

The EGEE/WLCG accounting portal is currently one of the most complete grid accounting portals in the world providing different views that go from a global and public view to very specialized views.

In the current EGEE accounting ecosystem the most extended provider is APEL which is included in the standard gLite middleware distribution. Other accounting providers include DGAS in Italy, SGAS in NorduGrid and Gratia in OSG.

The session will provide an opportunity to the different accounting providers to present the current status and their plans towards the new EGI ecosystem.


EGEE SA1, NorduGrid (SGAS), OSG (Gratia), INFNGrid (DGAS)
(some sites publishing directly to the accounting are also expected to contribute to the session)

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