21-25 September 2009
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Publishing Accounting Data from Outside gLite

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Hotel Barcelo Sants

Hotel Barcelo Sants



Mr Péter Dóbé (BME IK + NIIF)

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Grid resource accounting is a crucial element of a sustainable grid infrastructure. Resources involved in EGEE need to supply usage data for the central database of the GOC. However, not all such resources run gLite, therefore they cannot depend on its APEL component.

The goal of this poster is to present the trends of grid accounting in Northern Europe. Nordic grid communtites make huge effort to apply standard solutions, primarily the specifications recommended by OGF. To achieve this, the SweGrid Accounting System (SGAS) was the choice for accounting by sites of the Nordic DataGrid Facility.

More specifically, the poster gives an overview of the integration of the new ARC middleware with SGAS, a work done within the KnowARC project. It also presents the highest priority problems to be discussed and solved for improved integration with the central GOC DB of EGEE.

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Primary authors

Dr Balázs Kónya (LU HEP) Mr Péter Dóbé (BME IK + NIIF)

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