21-25 September 2009
Hotel Barcelo Sants
Europe/Zurich timezone

Further development of P-GRADE Portal for advance user support

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Hotel Barcelo Sants

Hotel Barcelo Sants



Gergely Sipos (MTA SZTAKI)


P-GRADE Portal has been downloaded from sourceforge in about 1400 copies since 2008 January. Its popularity has been constantly growing and has been deployed by new communities (Belgium Grid, WhiteRoseGrid UK, Grid Malaysia, etc.) beyond the previously existed ones. Our mission is to improve the portal for these communities with new features and functionalities. The goal of this demo is to show these new features:
1.) Features requested by SEE-GRID-SCI project:
a. Extending the portal with a community workflow repository based on the D-Space OSS repository system.
b. Creating an infrastructure test portlet by which users can test the grid CEs and SEs with their own certificate proxys.
2.) Accounting portlet (requested by Grid Malaysia)
3.) gUSE/WS-PGRADE for advance users:
a. embeding workflows
b. generator and collector nodes in workflows
4.) Application specific portals:
a. Rendering portal (by Univ. of Westminster)
b. OmNet simulation portal
c. CancerGrid portal

Special requirements other than the set up mentioned in the CfA text.


Project(s) or EGEE activity presenting the demo or poster (project or activity names only)

EGEE NA4 Application Porting Support, SEE-GRID-SCI, Grid Malaysia, UK NGS, CancerGrid, EDGeS

Primary author

Gergely Sipos (MTA SZTAKI)

Presentation materials

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