21-25 September 2009
Hotel Barcelo Sants
Europe/Zurich timezone

Virtual Laboratory Powered by GridSpace in PL-Grid

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Hotel Barcelo Sants

Hotel Barcelo Sants



Dr Maciej Malawski (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland)

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We present the details of GridSpace platform which serves
as a basis for the virtual laboratory developed in PL-Grid project.
In GridSpace, the high-level notation for composition of complex
applications is based on the Ruby scripting language.
To provide an easy access to different computing and data resources,
we have introduced a grid object abstraction level hierarchy.
The Virtual Laboratory is equipped with tools for user-friendly
experiment creation and execution, enabling reusing of existing
experiments, gathering and exploiting provenance, as
well as integration of geographically-distributed compute and data

Virtual Laboratory has been applied to:
- execute important virological experiments in ViroLab,
- protein folding and structure comparison,
- data mining with the Weka library,
- computational chemistry - to develop and run series of
Gaussion application on EGEE.
- as an education tool in computer science classes.



We will show the demo on PL-Grid booth.

Special requirements other than the set up mentioned in the CfA text.


Primary author

Dr Maciej Malawski (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland)


Daniel Harężlak (ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland) Eryk Ciepiela (ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland) Joanna Kocot (ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland) Marek Kasztelnik (ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland) Dr Marian Bubak (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland) Piotr Nowakowski (ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland) Tomasz Bartyński (ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland) Mr Tomasz Gubała (ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland)

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