Sep 21 – 25, 2009
Hotel Barcelo Sants
Europe/Zurich timezone


Federation and interoperability of Earth Science Digital Repositories: data discovery, access and visualization

Sep 24, 2009, 11:00 AM
Hotel Barcelo Sants

Hotel Barcelo Sants



The analysis of the difficulties the Earth scientists are facing shows the need for a global e-infrastructure supporting efficient data management, high-performance processing and e-collaboration for interoperation. Grid can be a solution and form the basis for a dedicated ES platform and infrastructure able to respond to the major ES challanges. Interoperability is a key issue in the development of such a platform. Compliance to widely used standards (opportunely enhanced as needed) for data management as well as for processing services provision, appears to be the response to the multidisciplinary user requirements. Starting from the cooperation set up between EGEE ES cluster and GENESI-DR, this session will be an opportunity to present and discuss different aspects such as data federation, data discovery, digital right management for data, data access, metadata schemas, and visualization.

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9/24/09, 11:20 AM
Dorian Gorgan (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca)
9/24/09, 11:40 AM
Paolo Mazzetti (CNR-IMAA)
9/24/09, 12:00 PM
Dr Nicolas Ray (Climatic Change and Climate Impacts, EnviroSpace group, University of Geneva, Switzerland and UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Europe, Châtelaine, Switzerland)
9/24/09, 12:20 PM
9/24/09, 12:50 PM
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