21-25 September 2009
Hotel Barcelo Sants
Europe/Zurich timezone


ESFRI & e-Infrastructure Collaborations

21 Sep 2009, 17:00
Hotel Barcelo Sants

Hotel Barcelo Sants



The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures Roadmap states that Research Infrastructures “often require structured information systems related to data management, enabling information and communication. These include ICT-based infrastructures such as Grid, computing, software and middleware.” and continues with “e-Infrastructures are critical to all projects in this roadmap”.

A dialog has started between individual ESFRI projects and existing ICT-based infrastructures, such as EGEE, to understand how best they can make use of e-Infrastructures. This session aims to push forward this dialog by bringing together the relevant experts to elaborate suitable ICT architectures for ESFRI projects and guide the e-Infrastructures in their priorities for the future.

Presentation Materials

Mr Bob Jones (CERN)
21/09/2009, 17:00
Peter Wittenburg
21/09/2009, 17:10
Rutger Kramer
21/09/2009, 17:20
Lassi Roininen
21/09/2009, 17:40
Massimo Cocco
21/09/2009, 17:50
Axel Poigné
21/09/2009, 18:00
Andrew Lyall
21/09/2009, 18:10
Krzysztof Wrona
21/09/2009, 18:20
Lamanna Giovanni
21/09/2009, 18:30
Peter Malzacher
21/09/2009, 18:40
Duncan Hall
21/09/2009, 18:50
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