6-9 March 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

Track vertex reconstruction with neural networks at the first level trigger of Belle II

9 Mar 2017, 10:15


11 : Using tracks


Sara Neuhaus


The track trigger is one of the main components of the Belle II first level trigger, taking input from the central drift chamber. It consists of several steps, first combining hits to track segments, followed by a 2D track finding in the transverse plane and finally a 3D track reconstruction. The results of the track trigger are the track multiplicity, the momentum vector of each track and the longitudinal displacement of the vertex of each track ("z-vertex"). The latter allows to reject background tracks from outside of the interaction region and thus to suppress a large fraction of the machine background. The contribution focuses on the track finding step using Hough transforms and on the z-vertex reconstruction with neural networks. We describe the algorithms and show performance studies on simulated events.

Primary author


Christian Kiesling (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik (Werner-Heisenberg-Institut) (D) Sebastian Skambraks (Technische Universität München)

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