6-9 March 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Programme

  • 0 : Algorithms and theoretical analysis

    Mathematical evaluation of pattern recognition problems, fitting, effect of noises,...

  • 1: Parallel and discrete pattern recognition

    Hough transform approaches, look-up tables, associative memory,...

  • 2 : Machine learning approaches

    Software and firmware implementations, exploration of neuromorphic hardware

  • 3 : Performance evaluation

    Examples of implemented pattern recognition problems and solutions with emphasis on new challenges and limits of scaling existing approaches

  • 4 : Intelligent tracking detectors

    Detectors providing more than evenly spaced 2D or 3D points

  • 5 : Coupled sensors and other architectures

    Design for trackers that measure angle, or other primary

  • 6 : Timing measurement

    Measurements at tens ps level, and the use of it in tracking.

  • 7 : Electronic circuits

    new Integrated Circuits for on-detector intelligence

  • 8 : High speed communication

    high bandwidth on-detector interface and fast readout

  • 9 : Real Time Pattern Recognition

  • 10 : Fitting tracks

    Fitting tracks beyond classical Kalman filters

  • 11 : Using tracks

    Advanced algorithms to build high level information from tracks

  • 12 : Special

    Special sessions and non-HEP talks

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