Jun 4 – 10, 2017
MEDILS in Split, Croatia
Europe/Zurich timezone

Terms & Conditions

All participants must confirm their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions upon submitting their application for the tCSC 2017. 

NB. "Attendee" and "Participant" are used interchangeably to mean the same thing.


If the applicant has been offered a place at the School, then the registration fee of 550 Euros must be paid to CERN by Sunday 23 April 2017.    

If the fee is not paid by this date, the School will assume that the participant is not coming, and their place may be offered to another candidate.


During your stay on the MEDILS site, all participants must obey the rules of the site concerning behaviour, access etc.    

As this is a CERN event, please remember that by association you will also be ambassadors of CERN's values and standards of conduct. Therefore take note of the CERN Code of Conduct at https://cds.cern.ch/record/2240689/files/BrochureCodeofConductEN.pdf        


Attendees must take part in all lectures and exercises presented at the School.

All lectures of the school and the exercises will be in English. Attendees must have a sufficient level of English to understand and take part effectively.

The cost of the event is subsidised by the School. Full attendance to the entire programme (lectures and exercises) is mandatory.

Special Subsidy

A reduced School fee may be considered in special circumstances. Please contact computing.school@cern.ch if you have justifiable reason to apply for one.


If, for some reason, an attendee is prevented from attending the School, the attendee must inform the School Administration immediately by email at computing.school@cern.ch.

If the fee has already been paid, any refund will be considered on an individual basis.

In all cases of withdrawal or cancellation, whether last-minute or otherwise, the choice of a replacement, if any, will lie entirely with the CERN School of Computing. It is not a decision that can be taken by the laboratory or institute where the withdrawing participant works.

Food & accommodation

No attendee may be accompanied by family, friends or pets (apart from Service Animals).     

Meals onsite are served as a buffet. Special dietary restrictions (eg. vegan/vegetarian, allergies) will be taken into account to the best of our ability with the local catering options available. However we cannot make any guarantees.

Attendees will be sleeping in shared rooms (twins or triples).            

Any extra cost incurred by an attendee during the stay (including private expenses at hotel, private transport costs, private meals...) will not be covered by the School organisation.

If participants arrive before Sunday evening 4 June, or leave after Saturday 10 June 2017, the School will neither arrange for further accommodation, nor will it cover any cost associated to the extended stay.


Participants must organise their own travel to and from the School location. The travel cost to and from the School is not included in the school fee.   


It is the responsibility of the attendee to obtain a visa to travel to Croatia, if one is needed. The visa cost will not be covered by the School.

If a visa is required, this must be indicated on the application form so that an invitation letter may be organised by MEDILS.                                                                              

Liability and Insurance Cover Statement

In accepting to participate in the CERN School of Computing, the participant understands and agrees to the following conditions:

  1. I shall ensure I have health and accident cover that includes adequate protection (including emergency medical treatment, hospitalisation and repatriation in case of illness or accident) and against disability or death resulting from illnesses and accidents, for the country in which the School takes place. I shall hold CERN free and harmless from any cost or expense resulting from the situation where adequate insurance cover is not in place.
  2. I shall respect applicable rules and instructions, written or verbal, made available by Organizer(s) and I shall conduct myself appropriately, including in my online activities;
  3. Equipment and materials made available to me during the School are made available on an "as-is basis" without any warranties expressed or implied. I shall use of such equipment and materials with reasonable care, under my sole responsibility and at my sole risk. 
  4. The Organizer(s) is (are) not liable for any loss of, theft of, or damage to any of my personal property or to third-party property that I may use; I shall be solely responsible and liable regarding my property and CERN shall have no liability in case of loss, theft or damage.
  5. If I choose to participate in leisure activities, I must be medically fit to do so and, save for negligence or misconduct on the part of the Organizer(s), I assume all related risks and liabilities;
  6. My participation may be suspended or cancelled, without compensation, in case of a serious breach of these conditions;
  7. The Organizer(s) reserve(s) the right to cancel or postpone the School for reasons beyond its (their) control. It is my responsibility to consider insuring against any travel-related cancellation costs, where relevant.
  8. Participation in the CERN School of Computing and in all activities organized in the framework thereof (whether by CERN or by third parties) is at the participant's own risk and neither CERN nor the third parties concerned accept any liability with regard thereto.