Scientific Programme

You can download the detailed agenda here.

Monday 12 June: Training Day

Morning and afternoon: Lectures and hands-on activities

Treatment planning workshop (Jörgen Olofsson, Ingrid Kristensen, Petra Witt):
- Introduction to treatment planning
- Hands-on treatment planning

Proton research workshop:
Meet proton researchers and get the chance to interactively discuss:
- Radiobiology
- Motion management
- 3D Dosimetry
- Imaging for stopping power calculation
- 3D Dosimetry
- Treatment planning
- Small Animal Imaging
- How to build a proton facility
- Interfractional variations

Target group: physicians, physicists, RTTs and researchers in these fields.

Prerequisites: the treatment planning workshop will start from a basic level, and everybody can participate regardless of previous experience with proton planning.

Evening: ENLIGHT dinner in the city centre.

Tuesday 13 June: ENLIGHT Annual Meeting

Welcome by Cai Grau and Manjit Dosanjh

Introductory talk:

  • Current status of particle therapy in Europe and beyond.

Clinical trials and critical data (with a panel for discussion about the outcome and the issues):

  • Carbon ion therapy clinical outcomes;
  • The multicenter oriented data collection approach;
  • Clinical trial of proton therapy in breast cancer;
  • The Dutch model-based patient selection.

Imaging, new perspectives for particle therapy:

  • INSIDE project;
  • Clinical experience with prompt-gamma imaging.

Present status of Radiobiology: pre-clinical data and implications for therapy


  • Measurements for dosimetry;
  • Measurements for radiobiology;
  • Future radiobiology.

• Session for poster prize winners

• Announcement of the next ENLIGHT meeting in UK

• Conclusions

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