May 8 – 10, 2017
University of Pittsburgh
US/Eastern timezone

LHC signals from cascade decays of warped vector bosons

May 9, 2017, 3:15 PM
G-27 (Benedum Hall)


Benedum Hall


Peizhi Du (University of Maryland) Peizhi Du (University of Maryland College Park) Peizhi Du


We proposed a natural generalization of standard Randall-Sundrum model, which can address both hierarchy problem and flavor problem, and also give interesting and new signals accessible at LHC. Kaluza-Klein gauge bosons in this model could have significant couplings to the corresponding SM gauge boson and radion. Radion has dominant decay channels to pairs of SM gauge bosons. The cascade decays of heavy gauge bosons render signals containing three SM gauge bosons. The crucial feature of such signals is a double resonance corresponding to the heavy gauge boson and radion respectively. We show that various signal channels have $\sim 3\sigma$ significance at 14TeV LHC with 300fb$^{-1}$.

Primary authors

Prof. Kaustubh Agashe (University of Maryland) Peizhi Du (University of Maryland) Sungwoo Hong (University of Maryland) Dr Doojin Kim (CERN) Dr Jack Collins (University of Maryland) Dr Rashmish Mishra (University of Maryland) Peizhi Du (University of Maryland College Park) Peizhi Du

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