International School "Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, Cosmology and Dark Matter, Cancer Therapy" (15-26.05.2017) with exam on 26.05.2017 (5 s.p.) 

Within Oslo School (15-26.05.2017) it will be  Workshop "Nuclear, Particle physics and Cosmology" (16-18.05.2017) on the DFDS Boat Oslo-Copenhagen-Oslo with public lecture  by Prof. Igor Mishustin "Nuclear fragmentation reactions: from basic research to medical applications" at Niels Bohr Institute,  University of Copenhagen.  

The main topics of School are
Relativistic Heavy Collisions and High Energy Particle Physics
Lattice QCD, Phase Diagram: Liquid-Gas Phase Transition, Chiral Symmetry Restoration 
Quark Gluon Plasma to Hadron Gas Phase Transition                                                      Parton Model, Jet Production, Jet Quenching
Signatures of Quark Gluon Plasma: Anisotropic Flow, Heavy Quarkonia, Femtoscopy etc 
Hydrodynamics and microscopic models
Interaction of radiation with matter and Cancer Therapy
SUSY, phenomena beyond Standard Model
Practical sessions with ALICE and ATLAS open data
Cosmology-Astrophysics. Dark Matter, Black Holes. Nuclear Reactions in Stars. Critical phenomena - Superconductivity 



Fysisk institutt
University of Oslo POB 1048 Blindern N-0316 Oslo Norway
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