The 5th Huddersfield Annual Accelerator Symposium: announcing the UK National Ion Beam Centre

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 9:30 AM
University of Huddersfield (Buckley Lecture Theatre)

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Apr 21, 2017
9:30 AM --- Coffee ---
10:00 AM Introduction and the Surrey facilities - Prof. Roger Webb (Surrey)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
10:30 AM The MIAMI facilities - Prof. Stephen Donnelly (Huddersfield)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
10:50 AM The MEIS facility - Prof. Jaap van den Berg (Huddersfield)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
11:10 AM The University of Manchester’s Dalton Cumbrian Facility - Prof. Simon Pimblott (Manchester Dalton Cumbria Faclity)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
11:30 AM How to get access to the facilities (including Q&A)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
12:00 PM --- Lunch (with posters) ---
1:00 PM MEIS investigations of model bimetallic catalysts - Prof. Chris Baddely (St Andrews)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
1:25 PM High Resolution Depth Profiling using MEIS - Dr Andrew Rossall (Huddersfield)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
1:50 PM Vacancy Rich Silicon as a Flexible Thermoelectric Material - Nick Bennett (TBC) (Heriot-watt)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
2:15 PM The use of microbeam PIXE in correctly identifying metals in proteins - Charlie Bury (Oxford)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
2:40 PM --- Tea ---
3:00 PM Investigating the Effects of Proton-Irradiation Damage in Zirconium Alloys - Matthew Toppping (Manchester)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
3:25 PM Nitrite Yields in Irradiated Nitric Acid Solutions - Holly MacKenzie (National Nuclear Laboratory)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
3:50 PM MAX phases for Gen-IV Lead-Fast Reactors - Konstanza Lambrinou (SCK-CEN)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
4:15 PM Radiation Effects in Nuclear Materials - Amy Gandy (Sheffield)   (Buckley Lecture Theatre)
4:40 PM --- Refreshments ---