27-29 June 2017
Europe/Belgrade timezone

Participant List

27 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alan Bross Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)
Alexandre Zaitsev NRC KI IHEP, Protvino
Azeez Adesina Akerekan
Chris Rogers Rutherford Lab
Christopher Hunt Imperial College
Colin Whyte mice
Daniel Kaplan Illinois Institute of Technology
David Neuffer Fermilab
Dejan Joković Institute of Physics Belgrade
Dimitrije Maletic
Durga Rajaram Illinois Institute of Technology
François Drielsma University of Geneva
Henry Nebrensky Brunel University
Janusz Martyniak Imperial College London
Jaroslaw Pasternak Imperial College London
John Cobb Oxford Unoversity
John Nugent University of Glasgow
Kenneth Richard Long Imperial College (GB)
Maurizio Bonesini Sezione INFN Milano Bicocca
Melissa Uchida Imperial College London
Mihailo Savic Institute of Physics, Belgrade
Milorad Popovic Fermilab
Misha Fedorov Radboud University Nijmegen
Nikola Veselinovic Institut of Physics Belgrade
Paolo Franchini Warwick University - MICE
Paul Soler University of Glasgow (GB)
Sandor Feher Fermilab
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